Affiliate Program: Earn While Sharing the Power of AI

Join Arrk’s Affiliate Program and start earning passive income today! It’s simple: share the benefits of Arrk with your friends, colleagues, or followers, and earn commissions for every successful referral.

How It Works

We’ve streamlined our affiliate system to ensure simplicity at every step. Whether you’re just starting out or seasoned in the affiliate world, earning commission is now easier than ever.

Get Your Unique Affiliate Link

Log into your Arrk dashboard and navigate to the affiliates section. Here, you’ll find your unique affiliate link. 

Share your Affiliate Link

Spread the word about Arrk by sharing your affiliate link via social media, email, or any other channel. When someone signs up for Arrk using your link and subscribes to a paid plan, you earn a commission!

Track Your Earnings

Keep track of your earnings directly from your dashboard. You’ll see real-time updates on how much you’ve earned through your referrals.

Withdraw Your Earnings

Once your earnings reach the threshold of $100, you can withdraw your money. We offer payouts through PayPal for a hassle-free process.

Withdraw your earnings

Why Join Arrk's Affiliate Program?

Affiliate Marketing Resources

Our affiliate marketing assets are designed to help you supercharge your promotional efforts for Arrk. We’ve curated a collection of premade templates and assets to make it easier for you to spread the word about our platform and maximize your earnings.

Email Outreach Templates

Whether you’re reaching out to your network or engaging with your friends and family, our templates are designed to capture attention and drive conversions.

Social Media Banners

Make a statement on social media with our eye-catching banners. From Facebook to Instagram, these ready-to-use banners will elevate your posts and attract more clicks, likes, and shares.

Tweet Ideas

Struggling to find the right words? Look no further than our tweet ideas. We’ve crafted a series of tweets that highlight the key features and benefits of Arrk, perfect for sharing with your followers and sparking conversations.

Generic Templates

From WhatsApp groups to Telegram channels, and Facebook communities to LinkedIn networks, our templates are engineered to resonate with diverse audiences and spark meaningful interactions.

Ready to get started?

Log in to your Arrk dashboard and head to the affiliates section to grab your unique affiliate link.

Frequently Asked Questions

No technical expertise is required – just your creative ideas and a desire to create remarkable content. Arrk is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Our intuitive interface ensures that you can effortlessly navigate and utilize the AI tools.

Yes, Arrk is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. You can enjoy the convenience of using our AI tools wherever you are.

Absolutely! Arrk provides you with the flexibility to customize and refine the AI-generated content according to your preferences. You can edit, revise, and tailor the output to match your desired tone, style, and messaging.

Our platform offers various subscription plans with different word count limits. Choose a plan that aligns with your content needs. You are able to choose your word count when making use of the AI Writer templates

Yes, you can utilize Arrk’s AI voiceovers for commercial purposes. Our AI voiceovers are designed to add a professional touch to your projects, whether they’re for personal, business, or promotional use. Please read the terms and conditions of use for further information

Note: Terms and conditions apply. Commission rates subject to change. Please refer to the affiliate program terms for full details.