Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

By participating in our affiliate program, you agree to comply with the following terms and conditions:

  1. Agreement to Terms: By participating in the Arrk Affiliate Program, you agree to comply with these terms and conditions. Arrk is a product/service offered by Karr Dynamics Pty Ltd. These terms and conditions govern your participation in our affiliate program.
  2. Eligibility: Affiliates must be over the age of 18 to participate in the Arrk Affiliate Program. Participation is open to individuals and entities who have an active Arrk account.
  3. Commission Structure: Affiliates will earn a commission of 20% for each successful referral who signs up for Arrk and subscribes to a paid plan using their unique affiliate link.
  4. Referral Tracking: Arrk utilizes a tracking system to attribute referrals to affiliates. Referrals must sign up for Arrk using the affiliate’s unique link for the affiliate to receive credit.
  5. Minimum Withdrawal Threshold: Affiliates must reach a minimum earnings threshold of $100 before they can request a withdrawal.
  6. Withdrawal Process: Affiliates can request a withdrawal of their earnings through PayPal. Arrk will process withdrawal requests within a reasonable timeframe. Arrk is not responsible for any taxes incurred in your country for your earnings. Affiliates are responsible for reporting and paying any applicable taxes on their earnings and will not hold Arrk liable for such taxes.
  7. Promotional Activities: Affiliates are expected to promote Arrk through ethical and lawful means, adhering to the terms of service and policies of the platforms they utilize for promotion. Affiliates must refrain from engaging in any form of slander, negative promotion, or misleading advertising of Arrk by Karr Dynamics. Affiliates must not engage in spammy or deceptive promotional tactics. Any violation of these guidelines may result in the suspension of your Arrk account, forfeiture of earnings, and potential further consequences depending on the severity of the actions. 
  8. Intellectual Property: Affiliates may use Arrk’s branding and marketing materials provided by Arrk for promotional purposes. Affiliates must not modify or alter Arrk’s branding without prior approval.
  9. Compliance: Affiliates must comply with all applicable laws and regulations when promoting Arrk. This includes but is not limited to data protection laws, advertising regulations, and consumer protection laws.
  10. Changes to Terms: Arrk reserves the right to modify or update these terms and conditions at any time. Affiliates will be notified of any changes, and continued participation in the program constitutes acceptance of the modified terms.
  11. Commission Rate: Arrk reserves the right to change the commission rate for the platform at any given time. Affiliates will be notified of any changes to the commission rate.
  12. Term and Termination: This agreement is effective upon acceptance by the affiliate and will continue until terminated by either party. Arrk reserves the right to terminate an affiliate’s participation in the program at any time for violation of these terms and conditions.
  13. Privacy Policy and Copyright Disclaimer: By participating in the Arrk Affiliate Program, you acknowledge and agree to our Privacy Policy and Copyright Disclaimer.
  14. Prohibition of Self-Referrals: Affiliates are prohibited from registering for Arrk using their own referral link. Any attempts to self-refer will result in the forfeiture of commissions and may lead to the suspension or termination of the affiliate account.

  15. Prohibition of Misleading Paid Advertisements: Affiliates must refrain from using paid advertisements that may mislead or confuse our audience. Any deceptive advertising practices will result in immediate termination of the affiliate agreement.

  16. Coupon Website Restrictions: Affiliates are not permitted to collaborate with coupon, cashback, or bargain websites for promotional activities related to Arrk. It is strictly prohibited to promote fictitious or exaggerated discounts or offers that do not exist.

  17. Restriction on Domain and Brand Keyword Usage: The use of “Arrk” or any misspelled variations in domain names or keywords in pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns is strictly prohibited. Affiliates found violating this policy will face account suspension or termination.

  18. Prohibition of Deceptive Behavior: Engaging in deceptive practices, such as sharing false discounts or attempting to manipulate the referral system, will result in the immediate termination of the affiliate account. Arrk reserves the right to take legal action against affiliates involved in fraudulent activities.